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Rentals Revisited: November/December Edition...

The film Duma, released in 2005 really captured my attention as being a triumphant and realistic portrayal of one boy’s struggle to overcome a list of seemingly insurmountable odds. The story follows Xan, a 12 year old South African boy that discovers an orphaned Cheetah cub one night while riding home with his father from the desert. The family soon decides to raise the cub until it is old enough to be released back into the wild, a condition that Xan understands and accepts completely.

Xan’s mother names the cub Duma and as time goes on the family begins to treat him as one of their own. Duma and Xan become like brothers and are inseparable. One day tragedy strikes Xan as his father suddenly becomes ill and abruptly passes away. This series of events forces Xan and his mother to move to the city and to turn Duma over to a wild life preserve. Appalled by the idea of not living out his father’s wishes of releasing the cheetah, Xan runs off with Duma in an attempt to set him free.

The road to freedom is a rocky one for Duma and Xan as they encounter a fair amount of peril through out this 100 minute adventure. Lions, crocodiles and a mysterious desert drifter named Ripkuna all try to end the journey early for Xan and Duma. One thing that I particularly liked about this film was that it possessed several subtle themes that can be applied to real life situations. The most prominent of these themes dealt with loss, not only of a person, but also of a way of living. Xan physically lost his father, and this event prompted his family’s move from a country life to the vastly different city life. Immense changes occur in Xan’s life and the way in which he deals with them is worth emulating.

This thought provoking and visually appealing film truly captures the essence behind growing up and letting go of what was considered a comfort zone. If you liked the films Eight Below and Born Free I highly recommend that you check out Duma.

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