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Games take us into a world that is often times much different than the one we live in. That is seen as one of the primary appeals of games; escapism. Darby touches briefly on the concept that many people believe games can only be created through complex forms of coding and through binary coding language, or C++ coding. In high school I dabbled in computer science for one semester. After reading this section of the book and working in The Games Factory 2, I can see a paramount difference between the binary code and this type of programming software: mathematical equations vs logic. I really hated working with binary code because I am not good at mathematics and it was all based on algebra equations.

The programs that we made dealt with variables and their purpose was not to act as games, but as computation devices. I suppose games are similar in the sense that you could program each aspect of a game to have a numerical value, but it appears that the Game's Factory deals with If Then statements or conditionals more than anything else. After reading this chapter I am interested in creating a side scroll shooter game, but minus the aspect of shooting. Instead I would like to replace the idea of gathering/catching of falling objects to gain points.

The developement of a game needs to be one of careful thought. I believe Jerz said "You need to think like a gamer." There are a million things to take into account when designing a game that is complex enough to be challenging, but simple enough in nature that it doesn't require a lot of instruction. I have begun to sit down and draw a diagram of how I would like my game to be created. There are going to be several levels (no more than 4) that are going to become progressively more challenging. The story is already pre-determined because the game is going to be based on the television show Family Guy.

At this stage of game developement it is important to write down the boundaries of each object involved. It is very necessary to know what the mechanics of the game will be before begining the process of game creation. The screen design must be consistent and for this reason I chose to use buttons on each menu screen with a similar colored background. The game will not be littered with various colors, or fonts because that is too complex and inconsistent. That simply looks unprofessional to me. The graphics, sound and music in the game will likely come directly from the show. The only thing I am worried about is somehow being charged with ripping off the show or with copyright infringement. I want to work with Stormy to create a game that reaches every audience with delightful and entertaining content.

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