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Darby Chapters 5-6, 7-8, 9

This section of Darby's book helps the game designer to understand how the player will access various menu screens within the game. Darby stresses that a game created in The Games Factory 2 (TGF2) is only playable on machines with certain system and runtime requirements. Chapter 5 was pretty much a review of how to operate TGF2 and it didn't touch too much on anything else. It showed how to setup and operate the program, but I found that the tutorial that is built into the program under the help section is really the way to go. I am not a big fan of reading step by step instructions out of a book, but on a screen it comes much easier to me. If you choose to use the tutorial within the game, you can open that window next to what you are working on and do it simultaneously.

"Objects are the building blocks to your games." This statement is def. true. It has come to my attention that in my game I am going to have to create a few of the objects from scratch. I am making a bar for Peter Griffin to slide across, the background squares, and the bar logo for the "Drunken Clam." The best way to make these objects or the best way to tweak them is to open them in Adobe Photoshop CS. Photoshop is the best program to use because you can sharpen the image, size it down correctly, and rastersize it so it is not as pixelated when it transfers into TGF2. Chapter 6 is very helpful because it teaches the basic principles about inserting the various objects that are part of the game. There is a glossary of sorts that can be found on pages 71-74.

Chapters 7-10 were more helpful as both Jerz and Chris had previously expressed. Chapter 7 deals primarily with the properties that each element of TGF2 can have. The Frame Editor, and objects are two areas where property settings are of great importance. You can control the speed, direction, and visibility of each of these just to name a few. The event editor is a huge part of chapter 8, because it shows the sequence in which things happen in the game. Chapter 9 stresses backing up files. I never thought about the consequence of data loss until it happened to me earlier in the developement of my game. I did not make a backup file, but I saved something and then couldn't undo it. There is not a step backward button in this software. Sometimes when you do click undo it doesn't work or the button isn't visible. Backup is reccomended through burning to CDRs, websites and hard disks.

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