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Darby Chapters 10-11...

Chapter 10 was about movement. Movement is something that almost every game will incorporate. In my game Peter Griffin is going to move from left to right as he slides across a bar. There will also be movement when the beer drops fall from the sky and when the evil Lois figure falls as well. Movement will also be important when Peter tries to catch the drops or attempts to dodge the Lois character. I have gone ahead and made each of these items active objects. If you simply import them, they might now work. In my game Lois is the enemy object, and Peter the player object. I programed Lois and the beer drops as objects that wouly use Pinball movement. This means that that the objects bounce in like a ball. I have taken the liberty of controlling their speed and direction as well. In the first level Peter moves relatively fast and their are no Lois obstacles in the game. As we progress to the next level it is assumed that Peter is becoming more drunk and I have set his speed to decelerate.

Also, in later levels the beer drops are farther away from Peter's location, and because it takes him a while to get to them, the game becomes more of a challenge. Originally I had thought about creating the Lois object with a path movement to chase Peter around, but after trying that decided it was a little too hard for the player to avoid her. Chapter 11 dealt primarily with graphics and animation, which is something I was very interested in learning about. Working on my game was pretty much a piece of cake after reading this chapter because I understood movement and only needed to import graphics and work on animating them. Making my own graphics was very easy after reading chapter 11. The Picture Editor part of TGF2 is a little bit hard to control, especially if you have to delete the pre-defined background in an image.

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