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Exposition in Interactive Fiction...

I would most def. compare IF to hypertext adventure stories in the regard that in order to advance in the game the player must make certain choices. It takes a certain breed to play these games; someone who is not afraid of a challange, but more importantly not afraid to learn. IF is a genre that many people would call complex and because of there lack of interest in learning it, they dismiss it as too hard or as something written above their level of understanding.

I agree with the statement that most games involve a pro-logue, a middle game, and an endgame. The prologue tends to introduce the player to their situation in the game. David Myers defined the prologue as "the opening screen of static text" which is commonly called an introduction in other narrative forms of storytelling. It is my interpretation that the prologue is a long introduction at the begining of a game, and is different than the opening screens which accompany scenes further in the game. These later screens are short intros about the room which you are in and the surroundings that are present. The first few scenes should act as an intro to the genre, and should allow the player to become comfortable with the unusual form of game play.

The voice of the IF narrator is of great importance to the game. An IF writer should approach writing these IF game story lines in the same way that you would approach writing online text. Short and terse sentences are better than long drawn out ones. The descriptions of rooms and items should lead the character/player to want to interact with them rather than show them the way to victory.

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