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Interactive Fiction Game: Tim's Trip

Stormy Knight and I created an interactive fiction game entitled Tim's Trip. We decided to work together to create a sick mystery game based on a story that she wrote last year in Publication Workshop. We worked on it in the software application Inform 7. Below is a screen shot that shows some of the basic coding we used. This is the only entry I have to show the developement of our game because I wasn't sure what the developemt portfolio was supposed to include.

Screen Shot 1.JPG

The game blurb that we wrote read: You, the player are about to experience a day in the life of life Tim, a machnist, after he returns home from work. Today isn't just an ordinary day for Tim in his filthy bachelor pad. Unusual items, characters, and experiences await Tim around every shady corner and in every house. Will Tim's actions be the death of him? Take a trip and find out.

After we put the game online it looked like the screen shot below.

Screen Shot 2.JPG

There is one fatal error in the game that we have yet to resolve. I programmed the action of "take crack" or "take speed" to kill the player, but the game understood it as "take" means kill player. Any time a player types "take" they are greeted with the message "You have died of a drug overdose." So even though it takes a secondto locate the code and change it, I still haven't found the time.

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