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The Games Factory 2: Bottoms Up Peter

The Games Factory 2 has been my favorite piece of software that we have worked with so far this year. Once again Stormy and I decided to work together on a game which we are calling Bottoms Up Peter. The premise of the game is that you play as Peter Griffin, also known as The Family Guy. In this game the object is to make Peter slide back and forth on a bar as beer drops fall from the sky. The main goal is for Peter to collide with the beer and gain points (10pts in the first level, 20pts in the second). The only consequence is that as Peter collects more beer, he becomes more drunk and moves much more slowly. When Peter slows down there are various negative objects that fall from the sky as well. A character which we are calling "Evil Lois" appears and the player advances and subtracts points from the score if Peter collides with her. This is the basic premise of the game, but we found that as the we got further into developement, more levels and various instructional screens became necessary.
Peter1.JPG Level1.JPG
Controls.JPG High Scores.JPG

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I'm impressed that you've been able to come up with so much for your game! You've got a nice menu system in place (or so it seems by the screenshots) and I like the stock photo of a keyboard. I'm assuming that's a stock photo, unless you took that yourself! In which case, a lovely picture!

Depending on how complicated things get, I'm not sure if you'll need more menus. If you think you'll need menus to describe why the character controls differently when drunk, I say leave them out! There are no instructions in real life telling you how to move about when you get drunk... so I think you should leave a little bit of curiosity and confusion to the game (and this confusion will subside once people get the hang of it and adapt to the new control scheme).

Holy smokes! Leslie, you are on top of things. I'm super impressed. It really sounds like the game would be funny, too. Evil Lois is a nice touch.

I disagree with Mike, though, about the drunken controls. Even though I can tell you that I most certainly am not your intended audience (since I've probably seen a whole ten episodes of Family Guy in my whole life and I don't drink), but if suddenly controls changed and I had no idea what was going on I know that I wouldn't react positively. Even a brief intermediate screen to tell the user what to expect would be good. For example, let them know that the controls will change as they progressively move into a state of drunkenness. Will the "left" arrow suddenly move Peter right? Will the "right" arrow cause him to stumble? I wouldn't keep your users in the dark altogether. An element of surprise is one thing, but it's just plain mean to not give any hints at all.

Very nice looking game :)

I have to admit i've never seen an episode of Family guy, im more Futurama and the Simpsons.

With regards to keeping it simple. In the book there is a game thats made called the lab, its only a simple one level type game. As part of a more commercial project Ive expanded it. What i found was I could either try and explain the whole game in one go (which can get very difficult) or bit by bit add more functionality and options between levels.

So for example, before the first level I introduce the basic game story and concept (what the user needs to do). In later levels I introduce new features and options with a screen introduction.

The benefit of this is of course your revealing more levels and more of the story, but not confusing the user with lots of controls and in your case "What all the negatives" do in the game.

It also means that you can tailor the difficulty level of the game as you go through the levels.


Hey this is kind of similar to what I've been working on, or reminds me of it anyway Angry Minority Fare. If you ever finish I would be happy to test it and also blog about it, and feature it on my site. Please let me know. Very cool!

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