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Seib Chapter 7 and Afterword...

After reading chapter 7 of Seib's book I felt like my job as a new media journalist was validated. When people ask me about my major in school I usually just tell them journalism, because most people wouldn't know new media journalism's standard definition. This chapter re-affirms that the field of new media journalism is thriving and does need qualified people to work in it. Seib also talks about how access to the internet/computers is becoming a normal thing for most homes to have because the price for computer hardware and internet service providers (ISPs) has gone down considerably. Not to mention the fact that kids today are born with computers in hand. I think back to when I was in grade school and computers were just coming of age.

Oregon Trail and these really lame games made my life, but helped me to learn software. As the years went on I was pretty much self taught. Every trick of the trade I just learned along the way through a process of trial and error and I suppose that is why I am so dependent on computers now. Now that most kids are like this, they are teaching their parents and internet news is cheaper and easier to access. Ok so back to the topic of news. Ending that tangent here. An active internet user is one that is online at least once a month, and in my opinion even that is a stretch. I am online all day long, and I consider that active. It is important to look at global online populations.


I just took this from the above linked site, and minimized it for the purposes of showing the United States internet use. This chart reinforces Seib's statement that the next generation of children will be computer literate. Seib refers to media mergers as another form of convergence. In recent years Time-Warner and AOL have merged into one corporation. Just this year we saw the merge of Nextel/Sprint into one corporation. Each of these companies deals with a different area of communication, but that further exemplifies the effect that this media movement is having on all areas.

In this chapter Seib also re-visits the idea of new media journalism ethics being a little different than those of print journalism and the importance of defining those differences. The "Drudge Effect" is also brought up again. The idea of interactivity within online news is expressed through the use of Flash Journalism, message boards and chat rooms. There is a certain interactive quality that online news offers and print news cannot.

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