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CST: Pre-research...

Apparently there is a lot that I have to learn about the Catholic Social Teaching before I really dive into creating a highly developed game concept for project 1. I am just going to go over some of the basics of CST in this entry in order to try and outline what I want to talk about. As of right now my research resources consist of Wikipedia and a paper that Amanda handed me in class to review.

So far I know that...A distinctive feature of Catholic social teaching is its concern for the poorest members of society. Another distinctive feature of Catholic social doctrine is the way in which it has consistently critiqued modern social and political ideologies both of the left and of the right

Catholic Social Teaching Key Themes (7 total)
- Life and dignity of the human person
- Call to family, community, and participation
- Rights and responsibilities
- Preferential option for the poor and vulnerable
- Dignity of work and the rights of workers
- Solidarity
- Care for God's creation

Keeping all these themes in mind I have decided to narrow down the spectrum a bit and cover only one of them for the interest of saving time. I can see that some of them overlap and for that reason I may un-intentionally touch upon a few of them. I also think that I am going to create the game using Inform 7 rather than TGF2 because it might take less time and still be as effective. Time is my main concern right now. I would really prefer not to make a game for kids, but that seems to be the direction that everyone is taking. So its like ok make a game for kids; you don't have any and you aren't around many of them...lol. Oh well I will find my way.

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