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CST: Progress Report 1...

Project 1 is supposed to teach an aspect of the Catholic Social Teaching, and after a lengthy amount of research and some equally long brainstorming sessions I narrowed down my ideas. I decided to develop an interactive fiction game because right now that is about the only thing I feel I would have enough time to create and actually be proud of my work (not a big fan of doing half-effort work). Time has been my main problem...this is crunch time. Flash has been kicking my butt recently, and I just can't seem to get it. Last night I just stopped working on it {FLASH} and focused on my CST project instead.

CST Screeshot.JPG

As much as I wanted to avoid making this game for children, it looks as though I must. I can't see any way of making a game that is appealing enough to adults and kids that it holds both audiences interests. There is a definitive line between making kids games and making adult games. An even more complicated monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix because of the CST theme incorporation. This whole experience has certainly been a challenge. I guess there is the possibility that I could make this game with a kiddy atmosphere/story and then later jazz it up to make it comical for adults, but I worry so much about overstepping my bounds and offending. I feel like kids game is the safe route when dealing with the CST.

My main focus is storyboarding (so to speak) the rest of my IF game. Right now I have it as being about an owl that attempts to make friends against all odds because he is a loner and he is nocturnal. I am going to have acceptance from his peers be one of the things that I teach as well as sharing and regard for the "poor" (for lack of a better term here) individual. At one point in the game you can find berries and either eat them or save them for later. If you eat them you will lose points, but if you save them and share them with a hungry friend you encounter it will boost your points and make you a friend. This is all very loose and up in the air right now.

Suggestions are welcome, because I feel like I am struggling a bit to bite into this project. I think that I am going to include a Clearing, A River, and a Hut as other areas (rooms) in the game. I don't want it to be too complicated, because I think I can achieve what I want to do with a limited number of rooms, and a heavy amount of object interaction.

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