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EL 200: Class Project Action Item...

I originally presented my progress with the web site project on a blog entry (10/30/06) and shared it with the class. I believe this helped to get other people’s wheels turning and narrowed down some of the issues that should be addressed on the web site. I received many comments from my classmates about what they would like to do with the site. In my blog entry, which is listed on this portfolio’s cover page, I mentioned a need to address the AP Style rules for numbers, and capitalization. The third thing that I brought up was the idea of incorporating a variety of leads into the student paper, specifically in the sports section. The links to the resources where we can find this information are also in the blog entry.

Most recently I have narrowed down some ideas that I want to add to my original proposal. It would no doubt be beneficial to have a page that gives tips to writers in the sports section. This year we have had a lot of new writers in the section that seem to be lacking direction and independence. These guides/examples would really help people that are unfamiliar with the format of sports articles. I hope that the writers would look at these boiler plate examples and eventually when they become more confident in their abilities, write using their own style. In this entry I have included several web links that will act as resources for my part of the project. We can pick and choose the most helpful tid-bits of information and feature them on the site.

1. Sports Seminar & RPA - Sports writing's 30 dirty words.
2. Tips on Writing Sports - AP Style sports lingo.
3. SNN Newsroom - Basic information on sports article format.
4. AP Guide to Sports Writing - Book that Setonian may want.

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