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Flash Progress: Slideshow...

After many long and daunting hours spent in the lab, I have finally gottan results from working on my flash project. Things were just not clicking for me before, and then the other night it was like an explosion of knowledge, and I seemed to be getting it. I decided to make a rather short show, and followed most of the directions given in lesson 10 of our book. There are only a total of five photos, an audio track and right now I am working on the special effects. So far I have all my slides done and I have an mp3 of Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" which I thought was rather fitting. Below I have posted a screenshot of the title slide of my show.


Right now I am working on scripting buttons that will appear on each slide in case the person viewing the show wants to go back or forward at any time.

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I'm glad to hear that things clicked for you. I have moments like that, too, but they're often prefaced with days or weeks of hair-pulling. I look forward to the final product.


I think it would be funny to have some zombie sound clips from Night of the Living Dead, or something.

You know, some fun zombie moaning or whatever you want to call the sound they make.

Those pictures are hilarious, you should use the one I sent you back as you in the negative. =)

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