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Flash Project Update....Changes

Since my last attempt to work on my Flash show, I have made some signifigant changes to the project. The most recent things that I have edited appear below in two screenshots. The first screenshot is an example of the first scene in my show, and the second is a random middle scene. I have put in the forward buttons on each frame, but still have to import the back/rewind and stop buttons. I have put a button on the last slide that will allow the user to go back to the main screen where the first scene begins and the play button appears. I am having a hard time finding the buttons that match the one I have already used. The library is playing tricks on me I guess. At least I can say that finally I have overcome scripting buttons, and it is only a matter of time until the other ones are added. I chose green buttons b/c that is my fave color.


I have also changed the layout and color scheme of my show. Another thing I have done is made my pictures display in black and white with a frame around them. I just thought this made it look a little more creepy. I knew that the red background I was using before did not look that great so I changed it to black. Then I felt like there was too much of a contrast between the color photos and the dark atmosphere. The only logical thing to do was make the photos appear in B/W which I think added to the spooky - dead aspect of my zombie pics.

A concern that I have right now is that the mp3 that I have placed in the show is too long. The show itself is rather short and I would like to make the mp3 match this length. Is there any way that I can edit the content of the mp3 and shorten the song? am not sure what programs I would need to do this. It is a good 30 secs before the actual singing begins and prior to that we hear only a musical intro. The problem is that my show is barely 30 seconds long. I want the line "Living Dead Girl" to play earlier in the show.

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Leslie, there is a free, open-source audio-editing tool called Audacity. It's a big download, and the learning curve was a bit steep, but it's the tool I used when I created my Teletubbies flash animation.


Wikipedia also lists some alternatives.


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