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Project II Proposal Revisited...

Originally for Project 2 I was going to either expand on the "Bottoms Up Peter" game that Stormy and I created in TGF2. I had planned to add a few more levels as well as a bonus level that the player could reach if they had obtained a certain amount of points in the game by the last "visible" level. But then the other day Stormy approached me with the idea of expanding eachothers games that we had created seperately for Project I involving the principles of the Catholic Social Teaching. So yeah, I am ok with that too. I mean it would be a pretty great thing to do, and we would still technically be working independently. The ideas that she and I began with are both solid, and it helps that both games are interactive fiction. In the proposal that Stormy posted earlier today you can see where she wants to take my project as far as coding and adding objects as well as endings. I can see making her game less obvious with the CST lessons, as well as making grammatical and description addtions and changes.

In my game right now the things that I can see being a problem were pointed out when Puff played the game in class. I printed out his beta test transcript of the game and noticed a few errors in my coding.

1. Tree = trees : Understand tree as trees
2. Betty needs to accept the berries. Overide the "Betty doesn't seem interested in the berries" prompt. It is a goal in the game to give this COYPU the berries, so I need to make that an option.
3. Make it so Owlie can talk to the other animals and "ASK ABOUT" the bulldozer.
4. Add description for the following objects: home; GIANT ANTEATER; house; campfire.
5. Allude to something about forest fires with the campfire burning unattended.
6. Fix in place: house; home; anteater; campfire.

If you would like to beta test my original game e-mail me and I will send you the file.

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I am on nates blackberry so sorry in advance if I make a lot of typos. I busted out laughing when you said you wanted to fix my grammatical errors. There are so many, its terrible. I was embarassed when dr. Jerz was playing it. I just get in code zone and the copy editor in me just vanishes. Good plan though, we should do this.

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