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Stormy Knight....A True Guitar Hero

A nice pic of Stormy playing the new Guitar Hero at GameStop.

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I look absolutely ridiculous.

Leslie Rodriguez:

She is a rock Goddess!

Here is a video that describes a T-shirt that makes music when you strum while wearing it.


Leslie Rodriguez:

That is amazing. I checked out that video. I can't even imagine doing that. I mean on Guitar Hero (GH) you just follow the buttons on the screen and play along as well as you can. I wonder if playing that air guitar t-shirt requires any previous musical experience?

Very nice.

Grimace, however, (as we learned in our fiction writing course last year) is similar to just saying "facial expression." Haha, I'll never forget that: "Saying that so-and-so grimaced is like saying 'so-and-so had a facial expression.' " Oh dear. Sorry. Just reminiscing for the good ol' days. Wait... that was last semester. Argh, I'm just old.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Grimace or not she is what we like to refer to as "the tats" because that means ur the bomb. Hahahaha. Oh well I suppose thats all I can say about that one.



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