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Audacity Mp3 Editing...Flash Show

After a small bit of toying around I learned how to use the software program Audacity rather easily. I agree that it did have a high learning curve, but it was pretty much a trial by error experience. The song that I am using for my Flash slideshow was originally over 3 minutes long, and that wasn't fitting because the show itself was much shorter. I had mentioned before that I only wanted part of the song to play, so I edited it using Audacity and cut it down to 19 seconds, and spliced two parts of the song together. I have to give a shout out to DGJ (Jerz) for making the great reccomendation that I use this program. It was well worth the download.

I can see myself using this program in the future for other school projects as well as a few personal projects I am working on outside of SHU. It took me a total of 30 minutes to figure out how to splice, split and cut the parts of my song that I didn't need, and that is pretty good in my book. The next thing I plan on doing to finalize my show is possibly changing the title page and making it less boring. Right now I have an annoying white square.

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I just announced in EL200 today that next term, EL200 will focus on audio journalism (radio podcasting). So you'll have good opportunity to put your skills to use.

Leslie Rodriguez:

That sounds very interesting. It is my understanding that Podcasts are growing in popularity so fast.

Audacity has a permanent place in the dock on my computer! It's a great tool for being free, and since it's open source, you can get all sorts of plug-ins for it. One of the more useful ones to track down is the plug-in to let you export MP3s.

You'll learn that Audacity is good for some aspects of audio editing and not for others. It isn't robust as, say, the Sony audio program (whose name escapes me), but it does a good job of the basic stuff.

The good part about Audacity is that it works just the same on PC, Mac and Linux. There is virtually (at least between PC and Mac) no difference. So once it learn it, you should be good to go.

Can Audacity turn an MP3 into a .wav file?

Leslie Rodriguez:

Yes Amanda and it is really easy to do as far as I can tell. I think you just change the format in which you save the file.

Hey, I've been meaning to mess around with some sound stuff lately, but I'm way out of the loop. I feel like so many other people can already do this stuff way better than me, so why try? But if you all insist that this program is easy, then maybe I'll give it a shot. In my spare time (laughter).

Leslie Rodriguez:

Karissa, it is really a tool that I can see being very useful in my future. I found that the help section of the program was rather self-explainitory and actually helpful for once. All you need to do is figure out what each symbol/button does and the rest comes naturally.

Ha! "In the loop"! Get it? Get it? Loop... pun...

Sorry, I hate when people leave comments like mine on blogs.

Oh Mike....

I hadn't realized I was making a pun. :-/ Serves me right.

Leslie Rodriguez:

I just laughed when I read "spare time" in the comment because none of us have any.

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