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The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving...

During the break I decided to paint a picture for a friend of mine as a Christmas present. Here is what I came up with for her gift. I am rather please with the likeness it bares to the actual character of Jack. I used acrylic paint for this one.

Jack2.jpg Jack1.jpg

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Melly Mel:

Love it leslie... definitely awesome! xo

Leslie Rodriguez:

Mel Whiteman...I love you girl.

Hey, he's really cute. Nicely done.

Leslie Rodriguez:

Thank you for your comment Dr. J =) Hope you are having a nice holiday Jerz. Ps, when I just called you Dr. J it made me think of the basketball player, and I laughed a little.


THAT'S what I meant to ask you when you called! What kind of paint you used...I figured it was acrylic. Nicely done, bud.

Quelle artiste! :)

Leslie Rodriguez:

ps, the person I gave this painting to loved it =)

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