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El 200: Peer Review: Ex 4 ...

The peer review I did covered the information that Katie Walker presented in her blog entry about Ex 4, which was on transparency in the media. I believe that this idea was a very good addition to the website that we are working on as a class, and that it will benefit the long term good of the Setonian by informing new writers about the issue of transparency. Katie presented this information in a blog, but I believe she is also converting it into a printable handout that can be downloaded from the NMJ site eventually. I was glad to see that Katie used Wikipedia as one of her sources, because the wiki often links to many other valuable resources that we can use down the road as the project progresses.

Katie's handout was well organized and layed out the information in the following outline: Why We Need Media Transparency; The Difference Between Articles & Stories; Writing Transparently; Narrative Writing and External Links. I noticed that she included permalinks within the blog entry which was helpful in case we simply wanted to link to this entry from the NMJ page rather than post the information in a WORD file or as a PDF handout to be downloaded. One of the most beneficial things about this addition to the NMJ site was that Katie listed links at the bottom of the handout in case the reader had further questions. This part of the websit project will no doubt be something that we can use.

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