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Lab Report 4...

Setonian breaks until next semester… (410 words)
By: Leslie A. Rodriguez

The fourth issue this semester of Seton Hill University’s (SHU) student newspaper the Setonian went on stands Nov. 21, 2006. As the fall semester came to a close the staff of the paper was working hard to make the final issue completely polished.

This issue also marked the end of the paper’s center spread contest in which each section editor created a different center spread with a hand picked team of writers and photographers. Leslie Rodriguez, the sports editor of the paper was the team leader for this issues center spread.

“There was a lot of pressure involved with creating a sports center spread because we needed to include clear photos as well as good content. In the past issues the themes of the center spreads have been much easier to come up with, but because the topics in the sports section are so varied it was harder,” said Rodriguez.

According to Rodriguez this issue was actually less stressful than the previous ones that she had worked on because all of her writers turned in their articles by the deadline. Valerie Masciarelli, news editor for the Setonian noted that Rodriguez has been forced to deal with various section related complications all semester and has always emerged on top.

Masciarelli said, “Leslie has taken on a great deal of responsibility in a section that has had a lot of great writers and editors in the past. She knows there is a lot to live up to and that she must work hard."

Along with managing her section, Rodriguez also stepped out of her boundaries slightly and wrote an article for the arts and entertainment section of the paper. The article covered the screening of Michael Arnzen’s short film “Exquisite Corpse” that recently premiered at SHU.

“I was glad that Leslie accepted the assignment because my original writer was forced to decline. She did a wonderful job and I was pleased with her coverage of the event,” said Stormy Knight, arts and entertainment editor.

Rodriguez stated she was glad to broaden her horizons and extend her writing into another section of the paper. She also said that it was nice to be able to cover and event that she was planning on attending either way.

“The most rewarding part about doing this article was that after it came out Dr. Arnzen sent me an e-mail thanking me for writing it. It was a nice gesture and I really appreciated it,” said Rodriguez.

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