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EL 200....Ex 5: Group Project Work...

I feel that this semester of Media Lab (EL 200) class has been the best and most productive one that I have ever taken. This is because instead of working on ten different projects we came together as a class and focussed on two of them, each equally beneficial for the long term good of the Setonian. Though I was very much involved with both of the projects, I felt a deeper connection to the NMJ website concept and made a tip sheet about the sports section. This idea became my baby and I feel that through my work I inspired many of my classmates. I wanted to come up with a part of the website that would help my classmates as well as my writers. I know there are a lot more things I would like to do next semester to expand upon these ideas. Ultimately after putting together this sports writing tip sheet I would like to hold a workshop next semester with an emphasis on a career in public relations/sports or in sports writing.

I plan on talking to some of the Career Works people here at Seton Hill, as well as my "higher up" connections in the athletic department. It would be nice to hold the workshop as more of a seminar and invite Communications and Journalism majors with an interest in sports. For now though, I have put together a tip sheet for the Setonian's Sports Section. The second product of my work was actually a collaboration. I turned Rachel Prichard's project into a brochure format and re-organized some of her information to fit my template accordingly. I am placing a draft of this on my blog along with the handout in order to get feedback and maybe expand upon this next semester as well. I think overall I have produced several valuable projects that the class can use to benefit the Setonian. Some of the information that has been posted on my blog was more general and will be included under different sections of the NMJ site. For example the work that I have done on researching leads, and AP Style is not as section specific. I am generally pleased.

- New Media Journalism Brochure (Adobe PDF)
- Sports Handout (Microsoft Word document)

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