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Hammer & HalfLife 2

So this past week and a half the class (EL 405) has been working on HalfLife 2 or as I like to call it "the game that I was waiting for all semester". There was a lot of anticipation building up to this moment, believe me. We weren't at one point even sure if there would be enought time in the semester to get to it. Honestly if we could take this class all year long that would rock. But back on topic HL2 is truly awesome. This is probably my favorite thing that we have done so far in the class. What can I say? I love first person shooters, I love zombies, and more importantly I love being creative. One of the best parts about HL2 is that you have the ability to create playable worlds and levels.

After we went through a tutorial of the game in class Puff and I played HL2 one night for like seriously 3 hours. I wanted to play the counterstrike version, but ended up only playing the original HL2 game and got pretty far. I love how it is created in a Sandbox format in the regard that almost everything can be used, or picked up, even if it doesn't serve a direct purpose to your mission. The hardest part in the first couple of chapters was when I had to jump on the roof tops and escape being shot. Another part that I found difficult was when the apartment complex gets raided and you have to make it to the roof before being shot or captured. Rather disorienting at times. That was a doozy.

Most recently Stormy and I worked though the rest of the build-a-level tutorials in class and came up with some pretty sick stuff. We put 2 citizens/civilians in the game world we created along with a zombie torso that actually moves rather fast compared to the stigma that they are slow moving creatures. This torso was on a mission. We created a box that explodes and shatters when it is shot. I think one of the coolest things is the glass floor that we made because when you shoot at it the glass cracks. Below is a screenshot of the room we were working on in class. You can see here the octagon that we put in the game and the industrial texture we used. The glass floor, crate and other boxes in the background are also visible.

Half Life Screenshot.JPG

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