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Beta Test: Project 2...

So there are still a few kinks in my game, and it was only played by one person (Amanda) in class the other day. Last night I had my friend Kaylee play it as well and noticed a huge coding error in the game. For some reason it won't let me drop the ball when you take it from the character of Sam (Samantha). When I try and drop the ball it reads it as throwing the ball at Sam and that is not what I put in there. I think the problem may come from a scene where I said Instead of touching say, "You broke Sam's nose etc etc." It seemed to be working fine in class and I am currently trouble shooting the issue. Another problem I noticed was that some of my directions (N,S,E,W) were not labeled correctly in the descriptions of each room. It was reading in some instances that the playground was west, but in fact is was north.

IF Screenshor2222.JPG

I guess I will chalk that up to human error when I was coding very late at night and I was really tired. Right now I am posting below what I have worked on since class yesterday in hopes that my peers will take a look at it and offer any advice to me. The progression of this game has proven to be a rapide and steady one. I think that I can expand it a little bit more before we present projects next week. My code is now a 1558-word source text with 5 rooms and 13 things. The other day I only had a 1244-word source text. By the time this project is complete I would like to have over 2000 words in it. That seems like a very obtainable goal. The next thing on my list of things to do is figure out how to upload my game into a Zplet Java screen that can be displayed on my blog.

Game Code (Inform 7 required to play)
CST Game

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