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Is that a Catholic Social Teaching skill in my dumpster?...

So tonight I was out and I had this really great idea for an interactive fiction game that could deal with the CST principles that we already worked on putting into our other projects. I was thinking that it would be cool to create a game that plays off the concept of dumpster diving. Lately this has become a big part of my life so it seems like the perfect setting for a game. The whole idea of finding 'unwanted goods/items' in a dumpster and then fixing them up could make for an interesting IF game that deals with giving, sharing, and helping others. I was thinking about naming the game "Dumpster Divas" and have the main character be a woman. I suppose that the back story would be about a group of female divers that band together and form a diving team. The character's adventures would be loosely based on those that my friends and I have experienced. Inside the dumpsters of each scene would be various items that either help or hinder the efforts of the player.

I want to use hints about the places that I dive in the game as well. It would be neat to come up with code words for places that you don't want to give away. Like I might make a key word map and send it along with the game to people that I want to understand the places. For all intensive purposes let us call one of the spots "Massive Flying Bird". Who knows? Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. The game is most defnitely going to deal with different people that benefit from dumpster diving and this is going to be exemplified through the main characters collecting and sorting of the goods. For example I plan to incorporate a homeless man (I know thats cliche), a friend, an organizational group (VFW etc. ) and an average family. These are all people that the player will encounter and can help or leave alone. Points will be awarded based on the validity of the choices that the student makes. Certain dumpster items will help everyone differently. Right now I have been having a lot of luck finding holiday decorations and that might be a nice thing to put in the game. Tis the season to be giving, and what deals with CST more than helping others through good will.

I can see myself coming up with a holiday game called "Tree Bandits" or something like that because of all the fake pre-fab/pre-lit Christmas trees that I have found this year. And can I just say that all of them work and are completely lit up at my friends' homes as I blog this entry right now. It kills me to think that this particular dumpster where I found the trees was such a gold mine. In one way I was glad to have been able to fix and give away the trees, but on the other hand it sucks that it took a person outside of this establishment's inforstructure (Me) to realize the potential of the trashed goods. Why couldn't this store give the trees away to needy families without trees for the holiday? It is interesting because without naming the place I was diving I will at least say this: it is the same place where Moira found "8 cloth Halloween gift bags." See these people are throwing away things left and right.

That is what boggles me! Then I guess it also gets to me that I gave these trees away as gifts to friends, and their reactions were amazing, I can only imagine the reactions of kids/families in the community that could use these trees also. This is quality merchandise that can be used year after year. I guess I will keep ranting about this until people wake up and stop being wasteful, careless and inconsiderate. I don't by any means consider myself an activist, but I am not the type of person not to comment about something that bothers me.

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Amazing, stuff, Leslie. Would this work as a theme for an anthology of flash fiction? If you could somehow get a group to write individual stories about how each item was thrown away, making a kind of postmodern Canterbury Tales...

Wait a minute... I'm having a some blogging flashbacks. (Checks blog archives.) Yup.



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