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EL 405: Blog Portfolio III...

This is the third installment of my Blog Portfolio for 2006 Fall Semester: EL 405 New Media Projects. For those of you that did not follow my Blog the prior to now I will give you a brief exposition about me. My name is Leslie Rodriguez and welcome to my weblog sponsored by Movable Type. I am a junior at Seton Hill University and as part of my class and the New Media Journalism program I write and respond with blog entries on various topics.

These entries are then posted for public view on my blog. This entry acts as an introduction to my blog portfolio which includes selected entries that reflect on our in class discussions, published news articles and various texts that Dr.Jerz has assigned. The following topics will be examined and discussed in my blog portfolio:

The Collection
My best blog entries that demonstrate intellectual growth.
Entries are categorized accordingly.
Project 2 & Software Entries

Project 2 Progress Report - An overall look at the progress that I when I swapped projects with Stormy. She fine tuned and added to my IF CST game and I did the same to hers. I listed a few of the major changes that I planned to make as well as those I had already put into action.

Hammer & HalfLife 2 - In this entry I wrote about the in class tutorials we had been doing with HalfLife 2. I also expressed my enjoyment about finally getting to play the game and work on making MODs with zombies, weapons and more importantly and octagon...ohhh!

Beta Test Project 2 - Here I noted what I learned and needed to work on after holding a beta testing session for project 2. The testing involved a classmate as well as a friend of mine outside of class that was unfamiliar with interactive fiction.

Interactive Fiction: The Meaning of Life - The final blog about my Interactive Fiction game. Decided on the title thanks to the one and only S. Knight. Good times in the real of geeks...my home.


Comment Grande - A comment left on Puff's blog entry about his HL2 level with the zombie bowling.

Comment Informative - A comment I left on Stormy's wall that empathsizes with her frustration at a certain point during her IF game developement.

Comment Grande #2 - Advice that I offered to Chris about his project 2 proposal. I commented on his original idea and made suggestions about categorizing his poems and pictures accordingly.

Wild Card Entry

Is that a Catholic Social Teaching skill in my dumpster? - In this entry I proposed the idea of creating an interactive fiction game that deals with the idea of dumpster diving and incorporates the Catholic Social Teaching principles.

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