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EL405: Final Project- Interactive Fiction...the meaning of life

The time is here and I have to present my EL 405 final project. I can honestly say it felt very effortless to work on because I had such a good time doing it. For this project Stormy and I swapped our CST games and decided it would be interesting to add on to each others work. I fixed general coding and spelling errors within the game, but also added a lot of items and several endings that the game was lacking before. The biggest thing I wanted to do was make the CST principles visible, but in a non-preachy and helpful way. Instead of out right telling the person what they did right or wrong I wrote descriptions that were more so examples than definitions of the teachings.


This collaboration was one that I will not soon forget because neither Stormy or I have played our original games since the modifications had been made. It will prove interesting when we present in class. Originally I had wanted to put the game in this blog entry as a playable IF Zplet, but I still couldn't figure out how to do that even after many attempts. Overall I am so pleased with the way this project went and how the class as a whole turned out. Below you can download my final project and play it in the free Inform 7 Interactive Fiction interpreter. Simply paste the coding into Inform 7 and you are set!

Final Project CST Playground Game

Ps...if you are wondering about the title of this entry ask Stormy Knight.

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I'll help with the ZPlet. I'm not expecting you to do that yourself.

Glad that is taken care of =)

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