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The Oracular Tree..."Santa's Surprise"

The Oracular Tree is another e-zine where Santa's Surprise has appeared recently. The story has now been published three times since being written last spring semester. I wrote it originally in the class Publication Workshop, which has proven to be one of the most practical classes that I have taken at Seton Hill University. I have not submitted the story for publication since the summer when I contacted over 75 different publications. Responses varied from "we have too many submissions" to "we are no longer a working publication.".And then there is always the "we are not interested at this time." Either way this experience of writing for publication has proven to be an ego boost as well as a credibility boost for my career and the way I am perceived in the professional world.

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Congrats on the publication, Leslie! I loved Publication Workshop when I took it my freshman year. While I haven't submitted anything to publications outside of SHU yet, I saved my notes and handouts from that class for whenever I do.

Good luck submitting things in the future!

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