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Dumpster Inventory Round #1...

The first time I went dumpster diving it was with my friend Kaylee North and it was because Moira had told me about her experiences diving. I mentioned the idea to Kaylee and then we went one night. This turned into a two part experience because we picked up Moira along the way and then did a second dive. During our first dive Kaylee and I found:

* One 4ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree ($39.99 value) - price tag still attached
* 1 animal/fish tank with a small crack in it (about 1ft/2ft)
* 4 Baby outfits - brand new with the tags still attached
* 1 baby bath board
* 1 SpongeBob Squarepants Christmas Stocking (new)
* 1 wooden cane with rubber stopper on the bottom (hardly looked used)

The second time I went diving it was with Kaylee again and her friend Amanda. This trip was also one that I would label a success. On this particular trip we found:

* 1 wooden picture frame (unfinished and ready for paint/primer)
* 1 large sheet of poster board
* 1 set of 3 Pre-Lit Christmas Trees ($49.99 value - various sizes - small, medium, large) - price tag still attached
* One 4ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree ($39.99 value) - price tag still attached
* 1 plush children's train toy
* 1 set of watercolor paints (new)

I am pretty impressed with all of this from only two hardcore diving adventures. If I find that I have left anything out from this list I will create an additional "add on" entry in the near future that will feature my corrections.

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