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Rentals Revisited: Jan/Feb Edition...

It has been said by some individuals that money is the root of all evil, while others believe that money is the key to true happiness. Both of these beliefs, though incredibly contrast are addressed in the film EZ Money. This 86 minute movie released in 2005 revolves around three street smart siblings that mistakenly become involved in a get-rich-quick scheme. Molly, the oldest of the siblings stumbles across a questionably curious e-mail one day while waiting in the principalís office at her school. The e-mail is supposedly from a Nigerian diplomat offering $3 million to anyone who can help him transport some recently accumulated funds to an out of country account. EZ Poster.jpg

Molly immediately jumps on the opportunity to make the money and involves her younger brother Alex and their little sister Echo in the process. When Molly combines her knowledge of business with Alex's hacking skills they open a bank account online and the mysterious money is quickly transferred from the Nigerian diplomatís account right into theirs. At first glance it appears as if these entrepreneurial siblings have made their first cool million without lifting a finger, but they soon discover that nothing in life comes without a price.

After the funds transfer Alex discovers that he cannot access the account because of a power outage that occurred earlier that day, which consequently locked him out of the bankís computer system. What Molly, Alex and Echo donít know is that the EZ Loan bank where they have created an account is simply false organization created by the CIA to catch the creators of the Nigerian e-mail. The kids eventually learn that the fraudulent e-mail was not actually from a Nigerian diplomat at all, but was generated by an international mobster whose scheme has already made piles of cash.

Things become more complicated for the family when the Nigerian gangster realizes the money has been locked into the kidís account. Upon visiting the familyís home in the United States the gangster kidnaps Echo and holds her hostage until the money is returned. The plot is full of twists and unexpected turns that will keep any viewer on the edge of their seat. There is also a definite recurring theme about the real value of money in the film. A particularly memorable part of the movie is at its end when one of the CIA agents states that ďlife is more important than money.Ē If you liked the films Cow Belles, and Monster Night then I would highly recommend checking out EZ Money.

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