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The Marijuana Debate...Comment Expansion

Comment I left of Evan's blog...with newly expanded additions.

I couldn't agree with you both (Stormy & Evan) more. I am an advocate of legalization of marijuana. I find that most of the arguments that people wage against marijuana are based on government propaganda. In fact, most of the drug laws that have been passed through out history were only put into place to control the non-mainstream races and ethnicities (basically anyone not white).

It first began with cocaine, which was said to be causing African American men (specifically newly freed slaves) to run wild in Southern cities and rape white women. Interesting how people were only concerned with raping white women rather than raping women in general. African American women were raped by white men all the time and cocaine was never even brought up as the potential cause because the raping of black women was not viewed as an issue.

These were the rumors that lead to the ban and criminalization of cocaine, which was primarily medicinal in use (though some people abused it – mostly whites) and accepted by society prior to the post Civil War era. Secondly the criminalization and ban of marijuana in the United States was brought about by a need to control Mexican immigrants importing the drug from South of the border, and to control immigration as a whole.

At one time if a Mexican man was found in the state of Texas to be in possession of one joint of marijuana it could lead to life in prison. I am surprised they (the government) haven’t tried something like this lately. It is funny how history repeats itself. In this case we see xenophobia at an all time high (no pun intended). Drug laws are often seen as racist in nature because of these incidents.

Lastly I bring up the most ludicrous of the anti-marijuana laws over the years. It was at one time legal to grow the plant in certain states as long as the grower had what was known as a marijuana stamp tax/permit(Marijuana Stamp Act). But the trick was that in order to obtain the growers stamp the farmer had to bring his product to the registration centers. The loop whole here is that it was illegal to grow without the stamp and when the farmers showed up with their product as proof to obtain the stamp they were arrested on the spot.

This law came forth because of a Machine Gun Stamp Act that was implemented to stop mob bosses and gangsters from having/carrying the weapons. The principal in both cases was the same: show up with the item and set yourself up for arrest, which in turn deterred people from pursuing the legal means of possession because it leads to illegal activities anyway. But that is just a bit of history and my perspective on it all. In the end we just have to remember:

Whites use as many drugs as Latinos and African Americans.

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If you'd be interested in expanding on this idea for an article for issue #2 of greensburg magazine, that would rock. We plan on featuring marijuana, since it's "All things green" and all.

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