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Feeling professional...feeling good!

I am officially a regular contributor to Delmarva Youth Magazine, as I have written my Rentals Revisited movie reviews in the last four issues. It is a great feeling of professionalism. The editor of the magazine just added my biography to the magazine's website along with a picture. I wanted to share it on my blog as well. I can't stop saying it to myself "a published undergraduate, in the areas of both fiction and non-fiction." All of this hard work is finally coming together and paying off and I couldn't be more excited. Plus this great internship at E-Magnify next semester is going to top it all off!


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Great news, Leslie. (Great photo, too.)

This is just the beginning, I'm sure!

Thanks Dr. Jerz. I can always count on you for support. =)

Rock on, Leslie. That's great news. And working at E-magnify? Well, I've workstudied for them since I was a freshman and they are wonderful people to work with. I'll see you around for sure :)

This is probably the best year to date! Can't wait to begin 2007. E-magnify is an exciting new opportunity that I am ready to take on head strong. I am glad to know I will be in good company Karissa.

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