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Mario...Have A Super New Year...

MARIO04254.jpg Painted this picture new years day with the new paints and canvas that I got with my Christmas money. Michael's [the craft store] is having a huge sale right now with 50% off all Frederic canvases and $1.19 Acrylic paint (Americana) is on sale for 49 cents. Believe me I loaded up on 25 paints, 5 canvases and some brushes the other day! I honestly wish I had more time to paint at school, but I am too busy and don't really want to bring all my supplies out to SHU. I am thinking that next year when I have free time I will keep a spare set of supplies at SHU with me for when I get the urge to create.

I would consider this painting to be a little bit more abstract than my usual ones considering I didn't use a picture to draw the rough sketch on the canvas. I went from memory, which is sometimes the best way to be creative. Not the best, but not the worst work I have ever done. I think I am going to start posting more of my artwork on my blog. I started to think about all the things I love and writing, painting, drawing, and acting made the top of that list. I have come to the conclusion that I like to create things.

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He looks great! And those supplies -- whatta bargain!

I only ever buy black, white, red, blue, and yellow paint. I find it more rewarding to mix my own colors. Try it! You might like it, too :)

Nice work. I like seeing what you're making.

Jerz and Karissa thank you for your comments. I could not pass up those prices especially considering that art supplies usually run me quite high in the $$$ department.

Karissa, what types of paint do you tend to buy? I am not big into oil...but I might try it again soon.

I get acrylics in the little bottles because it can be washed if I want (or will stay if I want... since I've painted t-shirts before). It can be thickened or watered down, mixes very easily, will stay fresh if you cover it overnight, and is generally cheaper than oil paint. Naturally, it depends on what kind of work you're doing as to what kind of paint you need (but I use acrylics for most of my projects since it's pretty versatile.

Cute, if you want to use oils I suggest that you go for the generic 7 or 8 colors that will produce almost all colors in oils

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