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Gift Ideas...by Amy Sedaris

As I am now on page 67 of the book, this is what I have gathered about gift giving. According to Amy Sedaris the following items are good gifts to give these types of people...

The Gypsies
1. Compass
2. Can opener
3. Shoe inlays
4. Hairpins
5. Waterproof matches
6. Trail mix
7. Corkscrew
8. "It's not your fault" lice comb

The Bedridden
1. Stamps
2. Sack of oranges

The Elderly
1. Your time
2. Offer to walk their dogs
3. Comb their hair or style their wig.
4. The older they get the more they want to go to church; so offer to drop them off and pick them up [from church].
5. Take their cat/dog to the vet.
6. Discard Jack-O-Lanterns.
7. Crack their ice cube trays.
8. If they know another language then encourage them to practice it on you.

An Ex-Lover [only if on speaking terms]
1. If you have a lot of photographs of your ex and feel bad about cutting them up or burning them, take the pictures and make a self esteem collage with them and give it to the person on their next birthdat disguised as a card. If it's a good picture of them, they would want it back anyway. If it is a bad one, you might feel better.

The Hostess of Out of Town Guests [gifts from guests]
1. Books
2. Flowers
3. Tree identification tags
4. Ashtray
5. Umbrella
6. Stationary for the guest room
7. Expensive candle
8. Personalized matches
9. Hairbrush

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