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Call of Duty 2...My Thoughts

Exposition/Objective - Guide American, British, and Russian Allied soldiers through the battlefields of WWII in Call of Duty 2 [also available for PC and XBOX 360]. The sequel to Call of Duty makes its way to mobile phones with a third-person overhead perspective and 12 challenging missions.

As I have mention in the past, I love to play games on my cell phone. The cellular phone I played COD2 on was my good old LG VX6100 [soon to be history]. The screen size on this little baby is 128 X 160 pixels with a liquid crystal display (LCD).

Main Menu.jpgI found the main menu to be a little un-helpful in explaining the controls of the game. This was mainly because you really have to explore the main menu opening screen in order to learn the game controls. Although even then the player is left with questions because not all of the button functions are listed. Important things like how to fire the weapon, how to switch weapons, and how to use the binoculars are left out of this section of the main menu labeled "Help." The funny thing is that it is not actually that helpful.

Miss 1- 1942.jpgI will say this about my initial thoughts playing this game: the graphics were highly detailed and impressive for a cell phone game. I was generally shocked at what a good job the designers had done transfering the feel of the XBOX 360 version of the game into this version. Having played the XBOX version I had high expectations, as high as they can be for a cell phone game, but they were high none the less. When you choose your mission and begin playing the game the CO [commanding officer] gives orders/prompts to you that often involve a direction. This requires you to think on your feet because no where on the screen is a compass. The whole time you are working under pressure trying to figure out [N,S,E,W] and though it may seem simple it can be extremely difficult when multitasking in a gaming atmosphere.

I was not a big fan of the fact that you can jump around between missions when you start the year 1942. Though I am only this far in the game I can only assume that this is the case in each level. There are three missions total for that year [1942] and you would think in order to advance to one you would naturally need to complete the first one, but this is not the case. In COD2 you have the option to play mission 1 or 3 without having completed mission 2. Now you do have to complete them all to move on to 1943, but my point is that there is a crucial lesson in mission 2 that the player must learn in order to understand mission 3 and that is switching weapons and using binoculars. This is not explained anywhere else prior to playing mission 2 and in theory if a player skipped that mission constantly they might prolong their difficulty in learning those skills. I am not saying it isn't possible to figure out, because that is what I did, but it was harder and it took me 2hrs to play the game before I even beat mission 1. In the end I beat mission 1 in 6 minutes and 27 seconds.Miss 2- 1942.jpg

Mission 1 Notes - Private Vasili Kosloc - Russian Sniper
Stalingrad, September 1500hrs
"No One Step Backwards"

Overall I thought this was an awesome game worthy of the money and time I invested in it. I can see myself playing this game for the next week or two until I beat it or come to a standstill.

Game Specs - Call of Duty 2 (version 1.1.5)
Activision Publishing Inc. Copyright 2005.
MFORMA Arcade Platform with an unlimited usage liicense $6.49.

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Comments (3)

That's pretty cheap. I downloaded a trial version of an old-skool RPG for my PDA, and like you, I was impressed by what the designers could do with the graphics.

Have you been following the Slamdance controversy surrounding the Columbine game?

I have been following the controversy and I am in agreement that the game's removal from Slamdance was a violation of freedom of speech. The game's creator clearly understands why the subject matter is seen as controversial, and I found it interesting that he doesn't blame Slamdance for removing the game.

I read over the article that you linked to on your blog and was also intrigued by the 69th Annual Canadian University Press National Conference where video games as an alternative form of journalism would be a topic of discusion.

This certainly is an issue that is not going to die off into the abyss any time soon. The game clearly didn't break any rules except those of a conventional society. What is acceptable and what is not? So why remove it? I don't agree with certain things that people say on my blog, but I don't delete their comments because I believe in freedom of speech. I feel like by taking the game out of Slamdance it is an admittance that there is something morally wrong with its creation. Hypocrites.

Hmm... I'm not so sure that the First Amendment is involved. This is not a constitutional issue; the contest is privately run, and if people don't like how it's run, they don't have to submit their work to it. Legally then can do whatever they want.

This is, rather, a philosophical issue surrounding the perceived value of a potentially offensive topic when dealt with in film, and a potentially offensive topic when dealt with in a video game. So I'm more inclined to agree with an assessment of hypocrisy. But in truth it's probably really about ignorance. I doubt the individual who made this decision has played the game.

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