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Murder Mp3…Audacity Magic

I have been playing around with Audacity a lot lately in preparation for the podcasts next semester in Media Lab (EL 200). I am also practicing with the software because I plan on launching a few personal recording projects in the near future if all goes to plan. I am hoping to record myself or someone else singing the parody songs that I have been writing and then lay that recorded track over a midi file of the original song. I have yet to attempt this and I am not even sure this is the best route to take. As of right now I would like to use the original music from the songs, but I have yet to find it available without the words.

I am not sure if there is a way to omit the singer’s voice and keep the background music, but I am leaning towards a no right now. Is anyone knows otherwise please let me know. The other day I played around with some of the chords and created a few tones in the program which resulted in the making of an Mp3 that I affectionately titled “Murder” (17 seconds). When all was said and done it reminded me of a track that would play in a Michael Myers (Halloween) movie or some other horror film with slashing and cheesy musical tracks. The whole time I was putting the track together I could see a scene playing out to the music (if you want to call it music). I am trying to figure out how to blog the mp3 for download, but I am unsure of the best method to use. I have put it in a zip file, but that does not minimize the size much more. I know how to upload files, but I am not sure what would work best here. Advice is welcome. The file is 1.25 MB (1290 KB) when zipped and 1.48 MB when not zipped and reads as an Mp3.

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mark Twomey:

i have a mp3 but it wont canect to my verson of audacity

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