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Interactive Fiction: Fun In Life...

So recently I recieved this really hilarious e-mail from Stormy Knight and I felt the need to blog about it and give her credit for being the funniest person I know at this point and time. See below for our interactive fiction good times.

Please E-mail me so I know you've received this assignment and will do it, thank you!

Green Conference at Chatham: 450 words


Examine stormy: "she's sitting at the computer typing article assignments watching her plump 16-year old brother play Guitar Hero"

Examine brother: "coarse hair, reminiscent of a Brillo pad. His tee shirt is dotted with grease marks, and the left lens of his glasses is noticeably bent. An XBOX360 guitar controller rests in his large but finesse fingers."

Examine computer: "hidden behind a desk lodged in a corner. On the monitor is this very e-mail being typed because we already discussed that you didn't need me to send you an assignment."

So you got this instead.

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