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Zombies: This Way Up...

In the past when I have had a rather odd or interesting dream I have written the details down that encompassed the dream as soon as I woke up. It is far from what I would call a dream journal or dream log as they are commonly labeled, but rather a list of ideas that make up non-sequentially set scenes. The first time this happened I called my friend Kaylee immediately and retold my dream and at the same time scribbled down what I had been narrating.

This method seemed to work best for me, but because I am home now I might not be as inclined to call people at 9:00am and narrate a dream to them. I mean it is the summer time and those who aren’t at work may indeed be sleeping and having wild dreams of their own.

The dream that I had last night was one worth writing down for sure. From what I can remember as the beginning of the dream I was outside of a large older looking building that I would describe as a mix between having the architecture of Seton Hill University and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. There was a large lawn in front of the building (reminiscent of Sullivan lawn) and around the side was a large kidney shaped pool with a cover on top of it. I couldn’t see what I looked like in the dream and it was as if I was dreaming in the first person point of view (kind of like FPS type video games, but in a dream). There was only one point where I was revealed and my part was being portrayed by a person that was not me.

I was simply a character representation of myself, much like in the movies when an actor plays a roll. I uncovered the pool and there was a sudden insurgence of zombies and college students to the pool area. The funny thing was that they were cohabitating the same environment with no qualms about one another at this point. It wasn’t like “Oh my God look zombies! Run for your lives,” but more of a “Somebody get that zombie a hot dog! He’s hungry.” The atmosphere was entirely surreal.

I was getting out of the pool and going into the building (staying clear of the partying zombies as I went). The building turned out to be a dormitory, which was revealed upon my entrance. There were zombies in the hall trashing the place (ironically much like the residents of Havey Hall). I was on my own dorm floor at Seton Hill and couldn’t even get near my room. These zombies were unlike the cliché slow moving creatures that are commonly portrayed in movies. They had awareness of their surroundings and appeared to be fully functioning in the world around them.

Could it be that this was a new breed of an old classic? Had zombies evolved? Was that even possible? Possible or not it happened in my dream which is a suspension of reality to begin with. I darted into another room that remains unrecognizable to me at this point and found a neon green student directory which I used to call a friend that will be simply known as S in this re-telling of the dream. S wasn’t answering her dorm phone which made me fear that she had been killed by the zombies, who were outside of her room. It didn’t even occur to me that she might not be in there.

Suddenly there was a large shift in my dream (the first of several) and it was as if a new one had begun without the previous one ending. This is where it starts to get really hazy for me. I was in an auditorium and I was dodging these zombies in the rows with some friends of mine from school, Lovey and Jersey (a.k.a. Nicole). We were trying to stick together and at the same time trying to move swiftly through the rows. I managed to get trapped in the lobby as the other two went up into the ventilation system to seek shelter from the zombie attacks. Then my dream shifted again. I was no longer in the lobby.

I was in a familiar place that looked to be the third floor of the house that my family and I moved out of four years ago and there was a man there that revealed himself as the chief of police (Chief). I was handcuffed and sitting in a corner (it was never revealed why and I assumed I had been bitten).

The Chief had managed to break a window and cut a circular hole in the wall where he could see out and see if there were any zombies coming up from a near by rooftop (as all the buildings were connected by rooftops). At some point the handcuffs were removed, Jersey and Lovey came back into the scene, and S was turned into a zombie. Unlike in the earlier scene the zombies completely turned on the humans and then there was literally a gang fight down in the streets that we all watched from the circular cut out window.

It was utterly strange and there is no real sense that I can make of this dream. It ended right after the shooting and I woke up at 9:00am. Perhaps the reason I dreamt this is because of my affinity for zombies, or the fact that I miss the college life. Who knows? I just wanted to share it in the blog-sphere.

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