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Wild Wounded Woman Down...

Last night Stormy Knight and I took our friend Crystal Medberry to the emergency medical center because she got hurt at work. While working at Hot Topic Crystal was injured when a metal rod fell from an 8ft ladder on to the side of her head and gave her a 1 inch gash. Needless to say she told me she didn't need any stitches and she ended up with 2 staples. When I am right, I am right. Anyway here is a nice picture to get the idea. The orange coloration on her scalp is iodine.


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Ouch! You two were good friends to help out a fallen comrade. What was a metal rod doing on the top of an 8-foot ladder? The consequences could have been even more serious.

As I understand the story it happened when the store was closed and they were re-setting the floor and wall displays. Our friend put the bar on the ladder and got down to get something else.

Then she accidentally bumped it and the metal rod fell on her head. She is only 5'0 (on a good day) and the means it fell 3ft to hit her. All in all she was pretty lucky.

Update: Yesterday Crystal had to get three stitches in her foot because she cut it really bad on a tape dispenser.

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