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EL 200 Term Project Outline...

The idea that my group has been working on involves taking content from past EL 200 term projects and making a cumulative website with all of that information. As of right now I am working on an outline to share with my group. There have been a few attempts at doing this project in the past, but none of them have really materialized. This is a rough schematic of what I believe should be included that is new content.

I will be posting an additional outline with edits and the already existing content after my group makes more concrete decisions involving the project. For now I will list what we have to work with. I believe the most effective way to present this information would be in a website that is based off of a blogs format (as we discussed in class). The removal of dates from entries will add to the effectiveness of such a site.

The site should include the following new content:

-Local radio station links (GBG, Latorbe)

-Recent internships & testimonials
*Evan Reynolds
*Stormy Knight
*Leslie Rodriguez
*Amanda Cochran
*Denishia Salter
*Chris Ulicne

-TV journalism links
-Articles about NMJ
-Interviewing tips
-News writing terms
-Student tools & resources

Here is a list of the content that we have from previous classes that will be helpful:

-Lori Rupert's Setonian Webpage
-Chris Ulicne's Journalism Handout Webpage
-Rachel Prichard's NMJ Brochure (I have it saved as a PDF, but it can easily be converted back to an Adobe InDesign file)
-Sports Writing Handout (something I made in the past)
-Jerz has also provided my group with a few polished handouts that he has electronically created as well. I am sure we will be using them in the project.

The biggest part of this project is standardizing the information so that it all meshes together in one cohesive form. We are working with various files and formats at this point in time. The next step is to organize it all with my group.

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Looks very good, Leslie.

I just posted a new handout that is right now aimed at students revising the rough drafts of their first article. It's not intended for articles that are ready to be copy-edited, but maybe with revisions it could be a useful checklists that editors could give to writers who are working on their first assignments. Most of these tips refer to details that should be resolved before the article is sent to layout.


You're welcome to revise it, link to it, or ignore it.

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