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Possible Post College Plans Expressed Via Txt Msgs…

This is a pretty funny conversation I had earlier in the day with a good friend of mine that seemed worthy of repeating.

“I can’t wait. Not sure what I really want to do anymore after though. Still trying to think it out.” - C

“Looked at a few jobs today online.” - L

“Oh yeah. Find anything good?” - C

“A few things, but its like ugh…the real world is calling and I am like man do I have to answer? Ya know?” - L

“I do know. But its gotta come sometime. We can’t stay in school forever…Or could we? Although making money would be nice.” - C

“Ugh money…the necessary evil. You should just work at Hot Topic until you own it.” - L

“Right on. Lets buy our own island and then we won’t have to worry about anything until the glaciers melt…lol.” - C

“True that, and we can choose who we live with there.” - L

“No money worries. I’d just have to start liking fish.” - C

“We can’t live with a**holes. You don’t like fish? Any fish? - L

“Yeah…but we could rotate people we live with. I like shellfish.” - C

“Ok, well as long as it is not like LOST or Lord of the Flies.” - L

“Exactly. If we had the same people all the time war would start.” - C

“How do you buy an island?” - C

“I don’t know, but I can look into it. Also we are going to need more people to go in on this with us.” - L

“Well of course others would have to contribute because unfortunately you and I were not blessed with wealth.” - C

“Spoken very eloquently, and truthfully. If I ever make big money as a writer I will have to give you a call about that island.” - L

“For sure because I sure as hell won’t be earning big bucks.” - C

Current plans after graduation = buying an island.

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