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"I'm going to eat your brains and gain your knowledge." -Planet Terror

Zombies began to evolve when they went from eating only brains to eating all types of flesh in the more general sense. This makes their chances of reproduction and survival much greater and makes them essentially harder to kill. Nowadays all it takes is one small bite in order to turn someone. It must also be noted that in the beginningpopulation control was kept smaller because they only ate brains. Brain eating zombies left no one to reach their undead fate. These brain eaters simply killed with no thoughts intention of making other people into zombies. Flesh eating zombies which are seen in most modern films re-populate much quicker than brain eaters of the past.

Theories about what happens to the unfed undead? Stages of death...do the dead progress of simply deteriorate more? Is being a zombie in a place with no more live humans the same as being immortal? In a crowd how can you possibly distinguish between the living and the dead? "Shoot everything that is moving." - 28 Weeks Later. The most basic of motor functions with little or no intelligence.

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The unfed undead will not be affected at all. Zombies don't eat to keep from being malnourished. They don't require food the way that living beings do. They feed because it is the only thing they function for, but their bodies require no sustenance. Any flesh that they eat would not be broken down because their organs no longer function, therefore no energy is gained from anything that goes into them. They no longer grow once they have been turned.

There is no evolutionary process for the undead. Nothing is immortal, and a zombie existing in an area without living humans would only continue to function because there'd be no-one there to eliminate its brain, but their bodies will eventually be non-existent due to necrosis as any dead body would go through. One would easily be able to distinguish between the living and the undead in a crowd because a living human would not be successful in fooling a zombie into thinking he is one of them. Living humans have a gracefulness that the undead do not possess. Simply put, you'd be able to find the living person by seeing which one is the one trying to keep from getting eaten.

One final point to be made, and yes I know you did not state this, but the creatures in the 28 Days storyline are not undead. They are simply rage infected humans that are still alive, but I'm sure you already knew that. I mean, it's easy to notice that several of the infected people are killed without the use of head-shots, which is the only way to eliminate zombie. Sorry for the length of my comment, but zombie-talk is something that I really get into. Peace.

I am really glad to hear from a fellow zombie buff. All of these zombie blogs are in great preparation for a film that I hope to someday write. I want to do something that hasn't been done. I may be e-mailing you in the near future in order to do a little zombie consulting and collaborating. I visited your website and checked out the zombie apocalypse page. Very nice. Thanks again for your comment.

That sounds like some good stuff. A lot of the things on the zombie apocalypse page were written when I had very simple thoughts on the matter of dealing with zombies. I was all about using guns and having sex as they do in most movies. Of course, it would probably happen anyway, but I feel bad now for having typed a lot of stuff on there. I was fourteen or fifteen at the time I typed it so it was more about being a dork than anything else. Now, I feel too old to accept much of what I typed. I think maybe I'll do a revision of the page sometime in the near future. Hopefully it'll be an amazing page to refer to once I'm done revising it. Peace.


Hi there buddy i thing your theories are very boring & outdated, you shuld review them and try to nourish them with new facts by see new movies made on Zombies like Resident Evil part
1, 2, & 3, dont mind it i m just giving my point of view bcoz u have asked for it, Byee.

Well that is what I have the comments enabled for my friend. Opinions.

And you might want to check some of my other entries on the subject of zombie culture and theories. They are more in depth. This was more of a wrap session in which I blogged what was on my mind at the time.

Rene Soto:

Oh, and also, did I mention that zombies don't exist?

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