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What is a book?

"In China and Japan, many written texts take the form of a roll like this one. (book has a picture to refer to) The Chinese script is written in vertical columns starting at the top right hand corner. In the West, books have a totally different form, and the writing goes from left to right in horizontal lines,” - Brookfield, pg 6.

I always wondered about the origin of books and texts in each part of the world. When I think of the Chinese and Japanese scrolls that are mentioned above I also think of the Greeks. It is amazing to think that Chinese characters can be made up of as many as 26 strokes. I was also shocked that there were a total of 50,000 signs in the true Chinese language (pg 10).

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Jeremy Barrick:

Amazing! Isn't it? Just how the different cultures write, their text and their books. So different from our ways. I think we take things for granted. We overlook other cultures, when they were the ones who originated these ideas.

The fact that the Chinese have over 50,000 signs is pretty impressive, although somewhat ridiculous. The bright green borders on your blog hurt my eyes. No really a big deal though, its your blog.

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