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Community Journalism: Nowhere to Hide

Agenda Item: “The impact journalism can have on a community is a lesson best learned at a community newspaper.”

Impact. Yes, this is definitely a word that I would associate with news and in fact most kinds of writing in general. Now journalism in these confines of a small community can have impact both positively and negatively as the author of this article noted. Thinking in a personal sense I know that the Setonian has run its fair share of controversial stories that have in fact caused action from both staff and students. These articles have not always had favorable responses, but again it was rewarding to know that people were taking notice at least.

I suppose one of the good things about community journalism is that you do often get a quick and honest response from the community. The people that read the paper are more than just a number in a stack of letters to the editor. Most of their voices are heard and recognized. In regard to the author’s situation with the Black History Month article I think he was just exemplifying the best part of the bill of rights, which is freedom of speech. No one has to like everyone else’s opinion, but you have to give them a forum to voice it.

It is evident that even with good intentions sometimes writers are misunderstood with the motivations for their controversial articles. A lot of individuals are in fact threatened by change and are even more scared of the truth, which is the heart of journalism to begin. Journalists should not be afraid to write the truth even though high ranking local officials may not always want to read it. Controversy is what keeps life interesting and I wouldn’t want to live in a world where it didn’t exist.

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