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Writing Material: Rheingold Agenda Item...

Agenda Item: “It’s not just how you use the technology that concerns us. We’re also concerned about what kind of person you become when you use it.” - Amish Man, pg 380,381.

I never thought about how technology can consume people and change the ways in which they interact. After reading this article I was seriously re-evaluating some of my own actions. I would personally consider myself a technological junkie, which basically means I love it. I know for a fact that I am lost without my cell phone (even for a day). Even when I cannot get on the internet I feel a certain sense of uneasiness. I am 100% dependent on computers on a daily basis in my life. The way in which the Amish operate is truly fascinating. Their way of life is changing at such a slow pace and yet they are still thriving in their ventures.

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Jeremy Barrick:

I wouldn't call it striving, they are pleased with their religious culture. I am also lost without checking my e-mails, MySpace, and cell phone every half-hour. I would consider myself a product of technology.

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