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Rheingold Informal Reflection...

I felt that this was by far my favorite reading that we have done for the class so far. There was just something fascinating about the Amish way of life and how they have refused to compromise their core set of values in order to conform to our lives. Although the Amish have compromised in some areas with the addition of a solitary phone to their communities they have still kept the reasons for using the phone to a minimal list. It is comforting to think that in the cases of emergencies they have one. The Amish are also using the telephone to keep in contact with vendors from outside the community that they do business with.

In trying to keep up with the economical demands of the world the Amish have been forced to change their mind about the telephone to an extent. I really did have the perfect image of a young Amish girl in a field on a cell phone when I was reading this essay. But I suppose it is important to understand that the Amish have adopted the use of telephones as a necessity rather than a want like many people outside of Amish communities. I recall getting my first cell phone in the 6th grade and that is pretty much standard practice today. Now I feel as though my cell phone is attached to my hand at every turn. There is this impulse that one develops when they have a cell phone. You can't help but check the phone frequently so as not to have missed a thing.

I remember a time when I had a land line, but that seems like ages ago. Even my parents have been thinking about getting rid of their land line phone because they rely so much on cell phones. But in going back to what the Amish said about the type of person you become when you submit to technology it really makes you wonder about yourself. I began to think ‘am I a bad person because I walk into places talking on my cell phone?’ Cell phone etiquette varies among each individual. I think a lot of people from the older generation find talking on cell phones in public to be very rude. I agree that technology makes us seem more distant from one another, but I am not about to stop depending on it the way that I do. I feel like it should be celebrated rather than shunned.

Daniella Choynowski's agenda item was one that I made a comment on. I said that I also wrote about the examination of they type of person you become when you use technology and specifically cell phones in this case. I admit that the use of these devices does make us more detached from human interaction. There have been times that I have txt friends from school for an entire summer, but never picked up the phone to actually call them. It doesn’t make me a bad person, but it makes me more likely to txt them from now on or send them facebook messages. I suppose it takes the personal touch out of communicating.

Chris Ulicne's agenda item about the use of electricity in Amos' workshop was also one that I commented on. I wrote that there is no doubt a lesson to be learned from the Amish. Their methods are not as archaic as they once seemed. I agreed that they are not completely opposed to technology, but are against the abuse and misuse of it.

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