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Ex 1: Personal Goals...

I suppose the first thing that I need to point out is that this will be my fourth and final time taking media lab. Although we have done various things each time I have taken the class I still find it hard to establish a list of well thought out and defined goals that will benefit the long term good of the Setonian. Previously when I took this class I was the sports editor for the Setonian and during that time I spent each semester attempting to bring other non-sports writers up to speed by using a block template style of sports writing to teach them. I blogged to my hearts content and laid out terms and various leads for the other writers to use, but I still was unable to muster enough steam in order to establish a key group of writers that I could turn to each issue and count on for a good article. Unfortunately I was unable to ever truly reach my previous goals despite putting in a large amount of hard work. Since this is my last time in media lab and I am no longer the sports editor for the paper my goals have no doubt changed significantly.

Although I was once the sports guru for the paper I will not be focusing my goals around this position. My range of goals at this point will be much more generalized to fit all aspects of journalism rather than once specific type of writing. One of the first things that I know that I have to do in my current position is to help mentor and inform the underclassmen about the multiple duties of the paper. Essentially I have gained a lot of knowledge in news writing, copy editing and the ways of journalism over the last four years and now I have to put it into practice by teaching it to this new crop of writers and editors that we have on the paper’s staff. I hope to bring my experience on the paper into this class, but also the experience I have gained at my E-Magnify internship as well as my professional experience outside of the university.

While working for E-Magnify I learned a lot about implementing my journalist training in a setting that wasn’t a newspaper and really had nothing to do with subject matter that I had previously covered. This also helped me to establish that I would likely not seek employment at a newspaper, but rather in a corporate forum as a publishing or internet communications editor. I have always had an innate interest in the technological side of the new media journalism major and working outside of the newspaper really helped me to develop that interest into a skill. I am hoping that I can help the other students in the class open up their minds to the possibilities that the Setonian online could someday use technological tools like podcasts, streaming media and flash in order to present the news in a different light. I would really just like to see someone take the Setonian online and run with it to a point that it could truly reach the potential which I know it has going for it.

Finally I suppose the last real goal that I would like to present for this class would be to really involve the outside community with the Setonian. I know we have already spoken briefly about the idea of community journalism in class, but I can actually see this working for us. I think that we should scout out several select areas through out downtown Greensburg that we know are heavily visited by students of UPG, SHU and WCCC. This would no doubt bring the Setonian a new kind of audience. I also think another way in which we can establish a new type of readership within the community would be to cover more local events that take place away from Seton Hill. It would be nice to coordinate with some community groups and to acquire calendars of events for them. We can pick and choose the events that we cover, but at least we will be getting away from covering the same old things at SHU that we always do.

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