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Romney drops out of GOP presidential race - Kansas City Star

Good Comment - "I'm glad he's out, too bad he hurt Huckabee so bad, we had a chance to have a really good president with Huckabee."

Spam Comment - "Romney sucks."

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Romney drops out, $35M later - The Leaf-Chronicle

Good Comment - ""ALL" the other candidates for the most part used other peoples money. So to say "It also can't buy you a presidential nomination, at least not when it comes to the GOP in 2008." is just plain wrong regardless if its the GOP or the Dem's. Money does buy. The question is who's money? Poor people don't have that kind of money to buy candidates,"

Spam Comment - "That's too bad,I liked Mitt. I hope John takes it now, he'll make an excellent president. Anyone that's man enough to last through 7 years as a POW in Vietnam is man enough to run my country. He's a true hero in my eyes. Obama is the anti-Christ."

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Romney drops out - East Oregonian

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For this assignment I commented on Stormy Knight's blog entry. I totally agree that the word choice in the titles is a big thing to make note of. Shuffling is like "oh hey man lets shuffle them around like cards" and there is this child-like innocent connotation with cards and we are all subconsciously thinking shuffling is non-threatening.

I also made a comment on Chris Ulicne's blog entry as well. The use of Clinton's relationship with her daughter is not doubt a ploy to make her look like an average Middle American mom. We all know she is much more, but it is nice to put her on a level that people can relate to. This also kind of makes her more vulnerable and human.I feel like this shows a little bit of how the media can manipulate a candidate to fit in a mold.

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