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EL 336: Missing Comments Finally Posted...

Ok so this is for my own organizational purposes. These are comments that have not appeared in any informal reflections on my blogs for the class EL 336. I have included the reading names as well. Hopefully this will come in handy and completely catch me up for the massive amounts of blogging which I have.

Havelock (19-62)
I commented on Jeremy Barrick's blog entry regarding the pairing of speech and writing in chapter 4. Speech definitely relies on writing to the extreme and this especially true in the political arena. Politicians and world leaders prepare written speeches of all the important things that they need to convey orally. This is probably one of the best examples that I have seen of written and oral language coming together and depending on one another.

Rachel Prichard's blog entry on this topic was interesting and worth comment as well. I wrote that I feel like this is just another example of the privileges that literacy can bring us in society. Early colonists had one great asset over the natives (besides guns and diseases) and that was literacy. Because colonists had the ability to read and write this also gave them the ability to teach and learn on a higher curve than the illiterate. We must also look at the fact that some of the indentured workers that came over to the early colonies may not have been literate either and hence their status in society. Reading was a huge status symbol which we previously discussed in the Di Renzo reading.

WM Homer no comments

WM Sundiata
I commented on Dani Choynowski's blog entry on this reading. Everyone remembers everything differently and that is how we come up with many versions of the same story. Sundiata was a perfect example of how a story can really get changed around. Writing does tend to preserve oral culture, but that is only to an extent. I agree that nothing is truly permanent in this world.

Havelock (63-97) no comments

Havelock (98-126)
I commented on Kayla Sawyer's entry for this reading. Ok so literacy gave the Greeks a sense of self thought and revelation, but did it change anything about them morally? Suddenly because they could write they were better people? I remember reading very early on in the book that some people proposed that along with the evolution of the written word came and ethical evolution as well. In response to what Chris commented writers do spend a lot of time alone and they have to get to know themselves. I wonder if this was the beginning of journaling in Greek society when writing emerged.

I also commented on Chris Ulicne's blog entry as well. Reading replaces hearing to an extent unless one chooses to read out loud. I enjoyed your comments in class today about the child-like nature that is associated with reading out loud. I actually read all of my essays out loud once I am done writing them.

WM Elbow
I commented on David Cristello's blog entry on this reading. I liked this quote that you chose as your agenda item. It is funny because he writes that writing is not to figure out whether we believe certain thoughts. It is kind of ironic in the context of the blogosphere because we are constantly writing about things and trying to figure out our feelings on them. I wonder how Elbow feels about the idea of journaling. Does he de-value this type of writing because it is about contemplation a lot of the time?

I also commented on Jeremy Barrick's blog entry regarding this reading. It is true that free writing is often a mass of jumbled thoughts, but that is the beauty of this method of writing. It is about finding order within an unordered system. Frankly I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as a random thought. Every thing that we think, we think for a reason whether it is subconscious or not.

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