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Field Trip Report...

On Friday February 15, 2008 students from EL: 200 (media lab) met in front of Seton Hill University’s administration building at 1:00pm. The class assembled in order to strategize a plan of action for going into the city of Greensburg in order to make contacts with local business owners and locate spots of distribution for the Setonian within these businesses. I rode with Dr. Jerz and Chris, while Shelly and Evan drove with Stormy. Upon reaching the bottom of Seton Hill Drive we went through the tunnel at the right and then parked in a lot on the left side of the road. Since there were three people in my group it was established that we break up and go to different locations in order to cover more ground. Dr. Jerz and Chris headed towards the Rialto, Red Star and Manhattans while I walked in the opposite direction on West Otterman Street.

The first business that I came to was Embroidery Express/Oh Happy Rays which is a tanning salon and a screen-printing and embroidery shop that gets a lot of traffic from Seton Hill University students. Upon entering the establishment I was greeted by a small dog that was named Pugster (he also happened to be a pug). Promptly after that Ray the owner of the business came out. He was incredibly receptive about placing issues of the paper in his shop and we determined that both Seton Hill students and people in the Greensburg community would probably pick up the paper from his business.

I spent a good 25 minutes talking to Ray and fostering a friendly relationship with him. He showed me a multitude of his original designs and then we talked a little bit about deign software for printmaking and he showed me how his computerized sewing machine worked.

I spent the most time at Embroidery Express/Oh Happy, but it was not the only place that I visited. I also made a stop at the Sunoco and at Pizza Italiano. At this point I was almost at the end of West Otterman Street so I decided it would be best to turn around and start heading back to the parking lot. Once I made my way back to the parking lot I ran into a friend and got a ride back up to school where I met up with my classmates. Overall I would have to say that the businesses which I visited were very receptive to the idea of the Setonian branching off into the community of Greensburg.

In order to promote the next issue I was thinking maybe we could take a look at some of these businesses that we visited and maybe give them a complementary advertisement if possible. This would be an act of good faith. I am not sure of our current budgetary constraints, but if we are making money then we should try and do something like this to foster a relationship with these constituents. I also think it would be a good idea to compare and contrast our methods of marketing at this point in order to determine hot spots where the paper is being picked up in the community. It would be a good idea to re-visit these establishments and get responses from the business owners.

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