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Since many of the students in the New Media Journalism major are preparing to graduate the Setonian is about to take a major hit. The existing needs of the paper seem to center on the fact that the staff is rapidly dissipating and replacement staffers seem to be far from our sights. There are plenty of people at Seton Hill University with the abilities to read, write and research but it is just a matter of convincing them to join up with the student newspaper in order to elevate these skills in a professional setting. I am proposing that we as seniors and experienced staffers go out into the Seton Hill student community and begin a recruitment period that will last until the middle or end of the semester.

I would like to propose a recruiting campaign that focuses on the addition of new writers to the newspaper staff as well as someone to help run the online version of the paper (which has taken a significant step backwards) and some individuals willing to learn layout software. As far as I know we will be losing members of the staff in all of the above positions which are all a high level of importance. I have spoken recently with both Kayla Sawyer and Lorin Schumacher about the needs in each of these specific areas. Lorin is planning on leaving the paper in order to focus more on school in the next semester and really the only other people that know layout are Stormy Knight and Chris Ulicne. There needs to be a willing freshman or sophomore ready to take on the task and fill those shoes immediately. In my opinion we should find that person by the end of the semester.

As far as the Setonian Online is concerned I know that Kayla is somewhat frustrated with the way that the progress of the online edition has being going. There are quite a few issues regarding coding and some reminisce of the former online editor’s attempt at a redesign. There is also the immense issue of the writers profile pages no longer being able to load. This is a huge problem because many of our staffers depend heavily on this particular page as an online archived version of all the work they have ever done for the paper. Many students use this page to show potential employers the depth of their work. I feel like it is a top priority that we get these pages up and running again as soon as possible.

At this point I am not exactly sure the abilities of everyone in the class to do the coding and re-coding of the html for the damaged pages of the Setonian Online. This is probably something I am going to have to consult Dr. Jerz about. As of right now I am also not sure of ways in which we can recruit and train a layout person in the time we have before the end of the semester. I would really like to get together with some of my media lab classmates and compile a list (possibly using facebook) of communication, engligh literature/journalism/creative writing majors that are not seniors. We can then work on a way in which we can contact and bring them together for an informative seminar on the newspaper and the benefits of working for it. Hopefully by the next portfolio I will have met up with my classmates and elaborated on the list of potential staffers a little more.

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Leslie, I think your project sounds good -- we'll need to hear from the Setonian editors, but I think this will be very useful.

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