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Summer Setonian Ideas..

1. Sports - I am pitching a story for the sports section of the paper that has to do with summer training that many of the athletes do in order to come back in shape by August 15th which is the beginning of most pre-seasons. I know that football does begin much earlier than this and they would probably be the most interesting team to cover because until the 15th they have something close to three practices per day. It would be interesting to look at how individuals train and if they meet up with other teammates over the summer. Do they play in summer leagues? Do they acquire personal trainers from private gyms? I think there is definitely something fascinating here about the amount of dedication it takes to participate in collegiate athletics and this would be a nice nod to the athletes at our school.

2. News - There is a lot to be said about students that do their internships during the summer. I think that a feature news piece about students who have done or are planning on doing summer internships would be of great interest to Setonian. Possible consultants would be Career Works and I have a few people on my list that have done summer work in the past. I think there is definitely a lot to be said about the benefits and constraints that a summer internship can have for a student. Do they find it easier to work in the summer when school is not technically in session? Is it more expensive to take credits for an internship in the summer? There are a lot of issues to be explored here.

3. Arts & Entertainment - I think it would be nice to do a piece about places in Greensburg that are student friendly and within walking distance. One of the things that I have not hesitated to do over the past 4 years is walk down into the city of Greensburg when the weather has permitted. I have walked from one end of the city to the other. In this article we would make a hybrid of a restaurant review and arts and entertainment story. The Palace Theater, DV8 and From the Ground Up are all very student friendly places. I think this article idea will also help with the incorporation of the Greensburg community into the student paper, which is what we are trying to do now.

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